What our clients are saying:

It’s great to see professionalism in action. Old time service isn’t a thing of the past!

Ron Anderson

Very glad to see Morton people. They help get staff off my back.

Ralph Lopez
West Salem Family Practice Associates

Always prompt, polite, helpful. Always knowledgeable, personable, prompt, courteous. As always, beautiful work with attention to quality and detail. Thanks!

K. Weiler

Thanks so much for the workmanship and support during our remodel project! You made it possible and helped us get through it! We are sure enjoying our new look.

Tim & Sharon Grover

Very helpful and professional. I will use your staff again.

Debbie Lawrence
Gambro Healthcare

Want them [Morton] for everything!

West Family Practice Associates, LLC

Thanks so much for doing a great job. It feels wonderful to know that mom’s property is back in “good repair.” Also, thanks for the candy. I will make sure mom gets to enjoy it as she is coming for my son’s wedding this month.

Jean Sydo

Thanks so much for the great job you and your crew did recently at 692 Walnut Blvd, Corvallis. It’s rare these days to get such great service and a well-done job! I appreciated the extra care you took to make sure the job was completed. I feel confident that no matter what the job, I can just call and you can be counted on to do the best job possible. It’s great to know that your company is so reliable and dependable.

Deanna M. Peters
Property Manager

Rob and Dave: Many thanks and much appreciation for your competent, professional and personable work and Service!

George & Khrys D.

From Helen Lewis:

I’m not sure that I articulated my gratitude to you when you last came by. Thank you, again, for taking on us and our project. It seemed overwhelming with everything we wanted done and you, David and Mike made it all happen.

As I said when we first met, we hadn’t had much luck with contractors in the past and were taking a leap of faith financially and trusting that the recommendation we had from Doug would work out, but our fears were unfounded. You delivered.

Your calm, easy-going nature made the whole process more pleasurable than stressful. I will always be forever grateful to you for pursuing the removal of the post. I know it delayed the project a lot but I don’t think the kitchen would look half as good as it does if the post had remained. Every time we walk in our kitchen we are in awe of how nice it looks.

From Yvonne Ulmer, one of our favorite customers.

It started 12 years ago with a stubborn leak no one could fix. So I called the builder of my house and asked for a referral, and he told me about Morton Contracting, Inc. The Morton guys came over and fixed the leak that no one else could (after a lot of hard work). I was impressed.

Then three years ago I wanted a deck, something fancy. As they were working on the deck, the Morton guys found dry rot that had worked itself into the house. I’m not sure other contractors would’ve found and fixed the dry rot, but I think they saved me. After fixing the dry rot, I also had them install new carpets throughout the house. They went the extra mile and moved the furniture themselves, then moved it back after the carpet was installed. Who does that anymore?

As they were working on my carpet, I also had them start on the garage. I wanted my garage to be orderly, I didn’t want things loose and lying out. Morton hired a carpenter who installed floor to ceiling cabinets which cleaned up the garage. Everything now has a place! And the garage floor is beautiful: it’s three different colors of blue, with epoxy atop so it’s shiny and durable.

It’s so nice having the Mortons around and it’s always fun to start a new remodel project. They were just in to refresh three of my bathrooms. It wasn’t anything major, just time to liven the bathrooms up. I’m not sure if or when I want to sell my house, but I want everything up to snuff and I knew Morton Contracting would give me what I wanted.

They’re accountable. With the bathroom project, Morton thought it would take three weeks but it took six. They explained exactly why (vendor supply issues), and always called to let me know where we were in the process.

It’s such a pleasure working with the whole team. Rob’s personality sells him. He has a calming presence, and you’re not worried he’s trying to hustle you. I know he has my best interests at heart. He locks in the best prices through vendors for me, even if I’ve scouted out the product myself. And if I’ve chosen something that isn’t going to work for my project, Rob gently steers me to something that will work.

I love working with Morton Contracting, Inc., and I refer them to my friends and neighbors (two of whom had Mortons install new decks after I got mine). Morton is totally up front and gives a quote, in writing at the start of the project. No one else gives a quote anymore, but these guys do. They always give a ballpark figure rather than guessing. It’s nice to know you’re not signing up for things you can’t handle.